Our Deacons serve the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the church doing the benevolence work, visiting the sick, being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation for the purposes of freeing the Pastor to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word, promoting unity within the church, and facilitating the spread of the gospel. Deacons must meet the qualification as stated in I Timothy 3:8-13.
Our Mothers ministry mission is to inspire young women, encourage, educate and change lives by communicating God’s truth to them and to raise up true worshipers of God. To pray for the Pastor and the church on a daily basis.  Our mothers assist with baptisms and Holy Communion. Cooperate with the Pastor and Deacons in carrying out the Pastoral ministry of the church, especially in connection with calling on the aged and sick.
Our Trustees are legal agents of the congregation and have the care, custody and control of all real and personal property, subject to the direction of the congregation and the church board.  The trustees provide stability and continuity in legal and financial matters essential to the successful ongoing of the Church across successive officeship, congregational boards, and Pastoral ministries. They must have a love for the church, have a growing and deepening spiritual life; integrity, and good judgment, business experience and capability. They must actively participate in the life of the congregation and lack possessiveness concerning Church property. The trustees meet the 1st Monday in each month at 7:30 p.m.
The Pastor’s Aide Ministry is a service ministry that provides support to the Pastor.  This ministry, working with and through the congregation and lay members of the church, meets the needs of the Pastor with prayer and personal, physical and financial support and/or encouragement. The ministry’s goals are accomplished by hosting various fundraising events at the church, such as the Pastor’s Anniversary and Pre-Anniversary services and events.  Our Pastor’s Aide Ministry meet the 1st Thursday in each month at 7:00 p.m.



Our Music ministry calls for diversity into differing styles of worship music such as hymns, and spirituals, along with the traditional and contemporary gospel.  Our choirs will address the needs of a diverse audience and be a symbol of coming together of all people of this church to worship and serve together. There are options for every age; Our music ministry include the following; Tiny Tot Praise Team, Adult Praise Team, Senior Choir, Male Chorus, Gospel Adores, Gospel Choir.  Let us remember that music is ministry and ministry is service to God and to humanity for the purpose of Kingdom building! 



We are soul winners for Christ.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we maintain order in the house of the Lord.  We greet our members and guests with Christian warmth, sincere smiles and promote a spirit of worship.  For our witness is not only by word of mouth, but by our actions and our Love for Christ.  For we realize that the love of Christ, which shines through us can penetrate a sinner’s heart, causing true repentance.  We keep watch providing a level of security before and during the worship service.  Our Ushers Ministry meet the 2nd Saturday in each month at 4 p.m.



Our Christian Education Ministry involves the administration and coordination of programs or strategies to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness.  Listening to a sermon in the worship service is not enough to facilitate true growth. Discipleship also needs to be happening on the personal level, one-on-one with fellow believers, in small groups, and in mid-size groups. Each of these levels offers a different dynamic to the growth process.  Our Christian Education ministry include the following:  Adult and Youth Bible Study, Sunday School, New Members Class, ESY Scholarship, Vacation Bible School, Conferences and Retreats.



 Our Praise Dance Ministry mission is to spread the gospel through the ministry of Dance, with song, dance and the word of God.



The Media Ministry serves to bring a sensible and clear sound to the sanctuary of St. James Church.  We want to stimulate your spirit, whether it is through devotion, prayer, song, or the Spoken Word of God to encourage you to spread the Word to those in your world.  You can have Sunday Worship Services, Revivals,and more in your library to listen to at your leisure.   Services are also available for the sick and shut-in.  The CDs’ may be purchased at a cost of $5.00.