Rev. Mark A. Sutton


Pastor & First Lady Sutton

Rev. Mark A. (Tony) Sutton was born and reared in Wayne County near Fremont, NC. He attended Wayne county public schools where he graduated from Charles B. Aycock High School, Pikeville, NC in 1977.

God has blessed him with a helpmate and co-laborer in the ministry, First Lady Debbie Sutton.  He is the proud father of two sons, Antwone and Brandon.

Rev. Sutton joined St. James Church of Christ (Disciples of Christ), Fremont during his teen years.  He received his basic foundation as a lay member, under the leadership of the church founder and former pastor, Rev. W.H. Yelverton.

Down through the years, Rev. Sutton’s faith was strengthened and he desired to have a closer walk with God.   He became a willing and yielded vessel for the Master’s use; which allowed God to use him in a mighty way.  The “anointing” made the difference.  He was inspired to take on leadership roles and offices within the church, exercising his gifts of singing and teaching the word of God.

He served as:   President of the Young Adult Choir;  Member of the Gospel Southernaires Quartet ;   President of the St. James Male Chorus (26 years);  Deacon Board (13 years);        Superintendent of the Sunday school Dept.  and willingly served in any other capacity in which he was needed.

God continued to shape and mold him as a vessel of honor under the leadership of the church’s second pastor, Rev. J. O. Williams.   He continued to work diligently in the ministry.

 The book of Malachi teaches us that God looks for leaders, who will walk with Him, provide edifying instruction, and direct people closer to, not away from His heart.  In November, 2002, Rev. Sutton yielded to God’s call, and preached his initial sermon.  He served as a faithful Associate Minister for 6 years at the church.  He assisted in promoting unity within the church, while fervently proclaiming that “hearts could be changed through in by the word of God.” He was appointed as instructor of the bible study for the teen class and later the adult class as well.  He was even called upon to preach revivals.

Rev. Sutton loved the Lord.  He responded to the “zeal” deep within, to learn more about God and study His word even more.  He attended the Lay Academy of the Christian Church in North Carolina at Barton College in Wilson, NC and graduated in December 2005.

Having been an integral part in the St. James ministry for over 36 years, Rev. Sutton had a genuine love for the church and its members.  Through God’s grace and favor, his ultimate calling was fulfilled.  On January 1, 2009, Rev. Sutton began his tenure as the earthly shepherd of St. James.  He was officially installed as Senior Pastor on March 15, 2009.

He is humbled that God chose him to serve in His kingdom; one chosen as a leader and visionary for His people. Since his first year in leadership, Pastor Sutton’s main focus has been to strengthen and grow the church on a sure foundation, and that is the word of God.  He is a firm believer that God’s word will direct you; God’s word will feed you spiritually, and God’s word will sustain you!  Pastor Sutton continues to promote unity & love and encourages the church family that “We can do it better together!”